Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

 DOB: January 9, 2006

Elementary Student

Nokuphila and her twin brother have living parents, but both of them are mentally ill alcoholics. The twins were neglected and abused for years, often begging for food in the village of Sipete.

Because her brother is hearing impaired, Nokuphila became his protector. They have a very close bond.

Both were severely malnourished when they came to Shepherd's Care. People had taunted them for years, saying they were stupid and would never amount to anything--even saying her brother was demon-possessed, causing his deafness. 

Neighbors were tired of feeding them; food was scarce for everyone.

Since social welfare brought them to Shepherd's Care, she has blossomed with good nutrition.  Learning is a challenge; she was #43 of 45 students in 4th grade. A specialist told us she probably can't learn, but she should stay in school through 7th grade and then learn a trade. But we aren't giving up that easily. We hope to work with her on the basics when Becky lives in Swaziland for longer periods of time.

Even if that doesn't work, she is an absolutely delightful young lady, so very happy to be taken care of, and we know she'll continue to thrive from so much loving care being shown to her.

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