Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

Elementary Student

We are still learning Phumi's backstory. She was brought to Shepherd's Care in the fall of 2018, supposedly on a very temporary basis.

Her brothers were sexually abusing her, so she needed to be in a safe place, away from them and their friends.

She has responded beautifully to the family environment at Shepherd's Care.  She has plenty to eat and no one bothering her, so we've watched her heal as fear is replaced with trust.

We don't know how long she'll be with us, but we're so happy to have her in the home. And since she's been with us for more than half a year with no indication she'll be moved, we thought it was time to start looking for a sponsor to help take care of her needs.

What a joy to see her relax and enjoy doing puzzles or playing games with the other children! This is how elementary aged children are supposed to spend their days!

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