Short-term Mission Trip

Becky and her oldest daughter Sara Nowlan are going to Swaziland Feb. 5 - 20, 2016.  They will pay tuitions for the 61 children currently in our sponsorship program, purchase their school uniforms and school supplies, minister to the children, and look at land to make the final determination about where to build our first orphan home!

Later in the year, Tracy and Becky will l ead a team back to do construction on the home.  This will probably be in July. 

If you would like more information about joining us in Swaziland, please contact us for an application packet. 
You may email us  or use the contact form.


And if you believe God wants to use you in a support role, you can give on the donate page.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Thank you!

 Working with Local  Pastors in Swaziland



3 Churches






Walk by Faith Church in the village of Bhunya is   led by Pastor Jan Dvuba.  This community has suffered the shut down of their mill, which led to other businesses failing.  Unemployment is rampant, and children are starving.  Our sponsorships bring hope.

Even though they have many needs internally, Walk by Faith Church planted another church in the mountain village of Mangcongo.  We have also partnered with this church to continue to pour into the lives of the children who dream of a brighter future--and a better life right now.


The Faithful Church, on a squatter's camp in Manzini, is home to Pastor Jacinto Sambo, who obeyed the leading of the Lord to move his family into challenging living conditions.   Grand Staff Ministries partners with him to provide schooling to the children.

Not far from The Faithful Church is Free Evangelical Assembly in the village of Luhlokohla.  We have been so impressed by the capable leadership of Pastor Walter Mgodlola.  He does an excellent job of overseeing his growing church, mentoring younger men and women to take on responsibilities in the areas of their giftedness. It's a delight to partner with them to develop true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!









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