When Prince Charming Falls off His Horse . . . and you've become his nag!
by Becky Yates Spencer

When Becky and Tracy had been married for ten years, the unthinkable happened: Becky fell in love with another man. The fear of God kept her from leaving with him, but she believed staying in her marriage was resigning herself to a lifetime of misery. 

Read her story that went from selfishness, temptation, and despair, to one of hope, joy, and unconditional love.  And find your own reason that's big enough to fight for your marriage.

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Leapin' Lizards . . . and other leaps of faith in the journey to adoption!
by Becky Yates Spencer

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Faith Is Not a Garden Hose!

An encouraging look at how to move from the futility of aiming our faith at what we want to the joy of jumping into the river of God's revealed will so we can be carried by His strength and power into a life of true victory.

Bigger Than Me: Finding a Strong Enough Reason to Eat Right for Life
by Becky Yates Spencer

Have you tried every diet known to man, but you weigh more now than when you first started dieting? Have you become frustrated when even trying to lose weight for “yourself” failed? Have you searched for the root causes of your overeating until you feel like you’ve earned a degree in psychology, but you’re still overweight? Do you carry guilt as a daily burden you must bear because it seems like as a Christian, you ought to be able to do better? If so, then you’re not alone. And this book is for you.

In Bigger Than Me: Finding a Strong Enough Reason to Eat Right for Life, you’ll discover a reason bigger than yourself that will motivate you to engage in the battle once again. You’ll learn Scriptural truths that will equip you with the tools you need to overcome what has defeated you in the past.  You’ll find the encouragement you need to keep fighting, never giving up, even for the rest of your life. The 30 day devotional and journal is designed to be repeated over and over, as many times as it takes, to change the way you think so you can also change the way you eat.

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Love Is a Flame:
Stories of What Happens Whtn Love Is Rekindled
A compliation by James Stuart Bell, with a foreward
by Gary Chapman
(author of The Five Love Languages)

This is a compilation of 43 true stories that will encourage and bring hope for a love that grows stronger and burns brighter through the years. 

You'll find Becky's contribution, "From Soup to Superb," on page 196.

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Daughters of Sarah
by Genevieve White

Now and then you find a book that is so life-changing, you just have to share it with others.  Daughters of Sarah is that kind of book.  The Scriptural truths in it made Becky a far better wife. (Just ask Tracy.  Smile.)  It's a must-read for Christian women who wonder why marriage falls short of their hopes and dreams--and who have the courage to look at what needs changed in their own hearts and minds so it can get better.

Beyond Daughters of Sarah
by Genevieve White

Yes, here's another dose of truth that will set your heart free to be all God intended you to be as a wife!    It's a great follow-up to Daughters of Sarah.

Sons of Abraham
by Walter White

This is the companion book to Daughters of Sarah, written by Genevieve's late husband Walter.  In a society where men are mocked (on sitcoms and in real life)--always made to look like fools--it's refreshing to find this treasure of truth about God's plan for them at home.

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