Walk by Faith Church plant, Mangcongco, eSwatini

High School Student

DOB: July 17, 2005

Muzukhona and his older sister stay in a tiny one-room structure on a homestead with many relatives. Their aunt cares for them, as their mother works in another village, and their father works nights as a watchman for very little pay.

School has been a challenge for this young man; he repeated 4th grade twice. The lack of electricity certainly contributes, since it gets dark on the mountain early in winter months, and all children have chores--gathering wood, hauling water, etc. when they get home.

But thankfully, this young man made it to Form 1 in 2020 (like our 8th grade). Our ministry partners say he’s a good boy, faithful at church, and as you can see, happy in spite of circumstances! He has a sponsor paying ½ of his fees, so he needs only $25/mo.

Total annual need: $600


     Still Needed:       $25/mo.

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