Walk by Faith Church plant, Mangcongco, eSwatini

High School Student

DOB: March 15, 2007

Both of Aphiwe’s parents died—her father in 2010 and her mother in 2013. She and her brother Bezwe (also in our program) live with their grandparents. Both of them are incredibly bright and in the top of their classes. We’re not surprised; their gogo is fluent in English and always makes us laugh with her sense of humor! This year she’s supposed to go into Form 1 (like our 8th grade, but part of the high school). She has a sponsor who’s unable to pay the higher fees, so she needs a 2nd one at $25/mo.

Our ministry partners describe her as a good child who is very respectful. This matches what we’ve seen in her for the last 8 years. She’s also a big help to her grandmother—they took some cute pictures of her doing the laundry by hand in a big plastic tub!

We pray the pandemic is over soon so schools can reopen!

Total annual need: $600


     Still Needed:       $25/mo.

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