Shepherd's Care Home
Sipete, eSwatini

High School Student     

DOB: February 22, 2005

Tema came to Shepherd's Care Home in an emergency situation last year after her teacher reported gross negligence in basic needs her aunt was supposed to provide.  She and her younger twin siblings had gone to the aunt because she was being forced into slave labor on her grandmother's homestead. 

At first, Tema couldn't enjoy the loving care she received at Shepherd's Care; she was too worried about the twins. She'd been their main care-giver for a long time.

A social worker tried to bring the twins to Shepherd's Care, too, but the aunt hid them back at the grandmother's.  By the time social welfare discovered where they were, the grandmother managed to override any attempt to rescue them.

Over time, Tema has relaxed and begun to realize that the best thing she can do for the twins is to succeed herself.  She's in Form 1 in high school now (similar to our 8th grade). The school year got off the a rough start, because she was involved in a car accident that kept her at home for three weeks. She barely got going when the country was put on stay-at-home orders because of covid-19.  The elementary and high school students can't possibly attempt doing school work at home, because very few have wifi and many don't even have electricity. 

But Tema is quite motivated, and we trust once schools open, she'll jump in with all her might.

She has bonded well with the other girls, and she's even letting herself be a "child" who can receive love and advice from the house parents.

 Total annual need:


Still needed: 

$1600/yr or $133.33/mo

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