Good Shepherd's Church, Sipete, eSwatini

DOB: May 13, 2002

Elementary School Student

Nondumiso’s parents both died in 2006, and she lived with her grandmother and 8 other relatives.  When we first met her, she was incredibly withdrawn and didn’t do well in school.  As is typical in this culture, young women are expected to shoulder the greatest workload on a homestead.  She was often late to school because of her chores.  When she was  allowed to make school a priority, and she was #12 in her class! But she was the last in her class in 2019, causing her to repeat 5th grade—at 18 years old!

In March 2021 Nondumiso was allowed to move into our Shepherd’s Care Home.  After her former treatment, she hardly knows what to do in a home where she has free time and only does the same chores the other girls do.  

The loving acceptance she's found from our house parents and the other children will go a long way towards healing her heart. The daily devotions and regular church attendance will draw her closer to Jesus.

We expect that she’ll do much better in 6th grade and look to a great future!

Total annual need: $3600

          Pledged:          $300

Need $3300 for 2022.

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