Congratulations to Melissa Jones for winning the bid on these tickets on July 15, 2019!  This auction is over and I'll post again when we have more!

Thanks to everyone who bid!

We have FIVE (5) Park Hopper Tickets to Disney World in Orlando, Florida--

and we're going to auction them off!  

You can bid from anywhere in the US!

These tickets allow access to any of the four parks in one day: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Black out dates include Christmas week and New Year's week.

Tickets are valid for two years.

Value $197 each, or a total of $985 for all five.

We'll take bids per ticket or for the whole package of five.

If anyone wants to pay the full price, we'll discontinue the bidding and just sell them outright.

How can you bid?  Just email us. Make it clear how much you're bidding for how many tickets.  Example: $250 for 2 tickets.  I'll post the bids on Facebook and will update here.
Whoever wins may pay securely online and your tickets will be mailed to you.
(If you live locally, we might just deliver them to you.)

Bidding is over July 15th!

All proceeds go toward our mission work in eSwatini, Africa.

If you aren't planning a trip to Disney World in the next two years,
will you please share this with your family and friends?

Thanks to our amazing volunteers who came out in big numbers May 18th for Buhler's citywide rummage sales. That's what qualified us for these tickets. You ROCK!

We're part of Disney's Family Volunteering Reward Program through Points of Light. Every time we submit a volunteer project that includes some children, we have the opportunity to earn 5 tickets.

Some of the volunteers from the May 18th Buhler Citywide Rummage Sale Project are pictured to the right and below. Great people!

If you live in the Buhler/Hutchinson, Kansas area, we'd love to have you participate!  Children 8 years and older are welcome to come with a parent or grandparent (or aunt/uncle!) when we have a project.  Just let us know you're interested, and we'll notify you when we have our next event.

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