These 12 original songs will fill you with the love of the King of kings.  You can listen to a little clip of each one to get a feel for the variety as Becky moves easily from pop to folk to country to a little bit of jazz.  .


"I Want You"

"The Coldest Winter"

"Hangin on Every Word"

"This One Is Born in Zion"

"You Rain"

"Till Love Lives Again"

"You Speak the Truth in Love"

"Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire"

"Please See Me"

"Well Done"

"You Are Lord"

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Becky's first recording project, "Tears of a Clown," features ten of her original songs from her earlier writings:

"A Little Pharisee"
"School of Hard Knocks"
"Read It and Weep"
"I'm Learnin'"
"Guilt Is a Stalker"
"I Have Been Delivered"
"All the Heaven I Need"
"(I'll Never Send)
         Needless Tears"
"Courtyard of Denial"
"Tears of a Clown"

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