Our Experience with Becky Spencer's Ministry . . .


Becky's ministry is relevant for marriages and healing for the family for such a time as this!  As a gifted singer, songwriter, and lover of people, she allows the Holy Spirit to use her words of encouragement to minister restoration between husbands and wives, parents and their sons and daughters, and church bodies.  A thorough knowledge of the Word and a heart of compassion add to a time of refreshing that will leave you hungering for more of God.

Mary Schulte, Co-Director, Women's Ministry
Victorious Life Church, Hutchinson, KS


Becky's love for Jesus and sincerity in helping others shines through as she ministers, whether in song or word.  Her music will touch you no matter where you are in your life; you will know that you are not alone in your situation or in what you may be feeling.  And best of all, her music provides hope--the hope that comes from surrendering to Jesus.

Nick & Charla Shaffer, Pastors
Oklahoma City First Friends Church, Oklahoma City


We adopted a daughter who was nearly seven years old.   God blessed us with two children of our own, however Caren was a "chosen" child.  When attending the women's retreat, Becky's story, calling, and mission to care for her "chosen" children moved my heart.  Her books and music speak to me and have provided a great source of God's love and strength when dealing with the challenges that accompany raising children.

Jeannie Wildin, Event Coordinator
Valley UMC, Marion, Kansas


I hope [When Prince Charming Falls off His Horse . . . and you've become his nag!] finds its way into the hands of many of God's daughters who are looking to their husbands to be their all-in-all.  Many Christian marriages have been destroyed without even a writ of divorce because of unrealistic expectations.  I wish that these couples would have had a resource like this; they might have had a different outcome.

Pastor Jim Francis
Victorious Life Church, Hutchinson, KS


The honesty in [When Prince Charming Falls off His Horse . . . and you've become his nag!] is revolutionary. It is a terrible cry to be loved. . . Men cry, too; we feel, we struggle, we are insecure, we are also looking for love.  It's stuff like this that opens up people's hearts and causes them to consider Jesus.  The response from readers should be overwhelming.

Geoff D'Urso
Crosspoint Assembly of God Church, Paola, KS


We have had the opportunity to have Becky Spencer minister in both retreat and Sunday morning worship settings.  We have been tremendously blessed by her ministry and can recommend her very highly to anyone that might be considering having her in their church.  Becky's message of the restoration power of the love of God will impact your congregation.  She shares her testimony in a very open and honest way, with a positive enegy that is sure to reach out to the hearts of the people.  Though best known for her music ministry, the messages of her songs in combination with her testimony make her far more than an "entertainer."

Pastor David A. Case
Crossroads Assembly of God, McPherson, KS


Thank you for your heart to hear music.  Most people have a "song--music in their heart."  You touch that by your words and music, and when we hear you, it's as if it is music already born in our hearts.  How do you do that?  The answer must be you are listening and walking closely with the Holy Spirit.  I've heard your songs for special occasions.  God has blessed you with the music ability to express an occasion or situation in song.  You put us at ease by your sweet spirit, smile, grace, and the outward glow of Christ in you.  Thank you for being Holy Spirit led and filled.

Pastor Tim Kraft
Ordained Minister of the Church of God






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