Walk by Faith Church plant, Mangcongco, eSwatini

High School Student

DOB: March 7, 2004

Hloniphile’s father deserted the family, so she and her mother live on her grandfather’s homestead with many of his other grandchildren. When she was in 4th grade, her great ambition was to build a house—maybe for some privacy!

She’s eager to get her results from last year, hoping to finally finish her high school journey in Form 5 (senior) this year. She’s a hard worker and good at studies. She has a sponsor for half of her needs, which means she only needs one other sponsor at $25/month.

Our ministry partners, Joshua and Belinda, have observed her close relationship with her mother. They said the two have a close bond—so important for a teenaged girl!

She’s healthy and faithful in church attendance—a precious young lady with great potential!

Total annual need: $600


     Still Needed:       $25/mo.

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