Silent Auction

We host our major fundraising event of the year on the last Saturday in April every year. 

If you have new, unused items; gift certificates that an be used in the Hutchinson, KS, area; antiques; or vehicles that run, you may receive a tax deductible receipt for qualified donations.  Contact us for more information, or mail items to the address at the right.


Thank you in advance for your generosity!




Becky's newest book,
A Bruised Reed: Memoirs of Africa Orphans and Their Rescuers, is now available in our store.

What others are saying about A Bruised Reed:

"If you have ever wondered why missionaries do what they do in abandoning the comforts of home and blazing off to another continent, country, and culture, this book, A Bruised Reed, answers that: it's the children. Yes, of course there is the call of Jesus, but the children keep calling to them even across the ocean. I have trained nearly a thousand missionaries and have contact presently with hundreds more, but I have never heard or read a more compelling story than this one lived out by my friends Tracy and Becky Spencer."
John T. Hollar,
President Emeritus
Christ for the Nations Institute

"A Bruised Reed is a book that will capture your heart and challenge your spirit. Becky takes us into the lives and homes of orphans from Swaziland, reminding us that God often expresses His love and care through us. We cannot ignore the needs of those around us, whether near or far, because all are precious in God's sight. These pages brim with the hope of transformation and the honesty of hardship and heartache. You cannot help but be encouraged, challenged, and inspired."
Eric Wilson, NYTimes bestselling author of Fireproof, October Baby, and Samson

All profits from this book go directly to serve the children in eSwatini, Africa.


We think our shirts are a great way to support our mission work while also spreading a wonderful message of hope! 


$10 from every shirt goes directly back into the ministry.




Our current fundraiser will provide the following 2023 needs:
Tent/chairs for Good Shepherd Church: $1,833
Shortage of food for church families, sponsored children's homesteads, and Little Lambs Preschool:
Little Lambs Preschool Bus Rental/Driver Expenses: $4,100
Beekeeping Sustainability Project (start-up costs only, as future products will be purchased from profits): $1,635

Our second care home in eSwatini is almost done!  Just some plumbing issues to complete, then the furnishings.   

It's right beside our existing home .

We only need another $3000 to finish furnishing the home. 

During their trip earlier this year, Becky and Tracy hired new house parents for the 2nd home. Jabulani & Nokwanda Khoza are eager to provide a loving environment for the precious girls the Lord will send.  

Special Needs:

Thanks to everyone who donated for the blankets and Bibles we distributed in August. What a difference you make!

Mission Trips 
Tracy and Becky are heading back to eSwatini July 5 - August 15, 2023.

For your convenience, you may use your credit or debit card by using the donate button
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Or you may mail your check to:

Grand Staff Ministries
PO Box 321
Buhler, KS  67522

We mail the receipts in
January each year.

In accordance with IRS guidelines, donations made to Grand Staff Ministries, Inc. (GSM) are not refundable.  All funds donated become the exclusive and permanent property of GSM when received and are dispersed at the discretion of GSM.  Donated funds will be used in furtherance of GSM's tax-exempt purposes for evangelism, education, and meeting the practical needs of others in Africa and around the world. 

Current Project:

Praise the Lord, our office and apartment are completed!  Tracy and Becky were able to live in the village for four months in 2022. It was a game-changer as they got to know the women at Good Shepherd Church. They also loved welcoming their  teams from the States that stayed with them in July/August. 

Of course, the entire staff is enjoying having office space at last!  Mpendulo (our Swazi supervisor) has his own office, we have a conference room for staff and community meetings, and our oldest girl in the home, Nontobeko, is now our secretary.  

One of our staff meetings
in the conference room
in eSwatini

Nontobeko in the office with her sponsor
Julie Garrett

Our next project:  

We finally determined the second care home was the most pressing need next.  Please continue to pray with us about the land behind Little Lambs Preschool.  When the second home is done, we very much want to build an elementary school to serve the village. 

Even with such great need, we are encouraged because others have partnered with us.  If you are one of those “peculiar people” Jesus has purified to Himself, zealous for good works, we want to hear from you!  (Titus 2:14)

Delta Miles

Our greatest expense for the mission trips is travel.  If you have Delta miles to share, give us a call at (620) 543-6518. 
Thank you!


Fred Meyer/Food-4-Less

Grand Staff Ministries, Inc. is also enrolled in the community rewards program for Kroger/Dillons and several other sister grocery stores.  It's very easy to designate us as your nonprofit choice.  It costs you nothing, but every time you shop, a portion of your expenditures will go to our mission work.  Get started here:

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