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We host our major fundraising event of the year on the last Saturday in April every year. 

If you have new, unused items; gift certificates that an be used in the Hutchinson, KS, area; antiques; or vehicles that run, you may receive a tax deductible receipt for qualified donations.  Contact us for more information, or mail items to the address at the right.


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We think our shirts are a great way to support our mission work while also spreading a wonderful message of hope! 


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Mission Trip
January 7 - February 10 2019

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Our greatest expense for the mission trips is travel.  If you have Delta miles to share, give us a call at (620) 543-6518. 
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In accordance with IRS guidelines, donations made to Grand Staff Ministries, Inc. (GSM) are not refundable.  All funds donated become the exclusive and permanent property of GSM when received and are dispersed at the discretion of GSM.  Donated funds will be used in furtherance of GSM's tax-exempt purposes for evangelism, education, and meeting the practical needs of others in Africa and around the world. 

Current Project:

Organizing GSM Swaziland and Preparing Living Quarters for Missionaries 

Now that  Shepherd's Care Home and Little Lambs Preschool are completed, and the church is meeting regularly on the site, our next project is a big step of faith towards what God is doing next.

We're building a two-story structure that will make good use of the space and be cost-efficient.

The first floor will provide much-needed office space.  The reception area will enable us to hire a receptionist/secretary to organize stacks of files waiting for attention. She or he will also keep track of doctor and dentist appointments, employee evaluations, applications for the preschool or employment, etc. 

Another area will provide a conference room that can be used for trainings and interviews.  Children who have family members approved to visit them will also make use of the conference area, because we don't intend to have any visitors in the residential area on site.

Our director and first house dad, Patrick Matsebula, will also have an office to allow him to separate his administrative duties  from his time parenting the children in the home. 

The second floor of this structure will be living quarters, with two bedrooms/bathrooms on opposite ends and a shared living area and kitchenette in the center.  This is where the big step of faith comes in, because we know in our heart of hearts that the Lord is surely calling someone to serve with GSM in Swaziland.  Tracy and Becky plan to spend more time there, and once this is built, they could stay for two months at a time, twice a year, enabling them to be far more effective in their ministry to the children, staff, and others. 

Please pray for this important part of the ministry!  It doesn't tug on our heartstrings like direct service to the children does, but it's still necessary to make the direct ministry possible!

THEN: Since Shepherd's Care Home is now full, we will begin work on the next care home once the office/living quarters are completed.  We will eventually have a total of 12 homes, but one at a time.

And when the second one is done, as funds become available, we'll begin work on the elementary school.  As long as we can complete first grade by January of 2021, the children who have been through the preschool will be able to go straight to elementary school on site, ensuring an excellent education will continue for them.  We hope to add at least one classroom every year to stay ready for them to move forward.

These are God-sized dreams! But the only major need to see them come true is the funding.  So we would love to share in churches and at Christian events. 

The large conventions will rent a booth or allow a ministry to be the main sponsor, but that can run from $3,000 to $6,000 and more.  If you have a divine connection that might open a door, or if you can help us fund a convention, you would help us serve more children.

And of course, we would be delighted to share in your home church, women's retreat/convention, or event!  Contact Becky for more information.


Even with such great need, we are encouraged because others have partnered with us.  If you are one of those “peculiar people” Jesus has purified to Himself, zealous for good works, we want to hear from you!  (Titus 2:14)


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