Walk by Faith Church plant, Mangcongco, eSwatini

High School Student

DOB:  January 17, 2001

Phetsile is one of the few children in our program with both parents still living and in the home. But they have 12 children, and neither of the parents have work, so life is hard. Although they live in Mangcongco, she attends school in Bhunya for a better education.

The pandemic has taken a terrible toll on this family, and they were very hungry. We’re so thankful we were able to add them to our monthly food route.

Phetsile is very respectful and soft-spoken. She’s also faithful in church attendance. She was in Form 4 in 2020 (like our 11th grade), so she hopes and prays she will be able to take Form 5 this year. She has a sponsor that pays half of her fees, so she needs another sponsor who can provide the other ½ at $25/mo.

Total annual need: $600


     Still Needed:       $12.50/mo.

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