Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

DOB: October 29, 2013

Elementary Student

Ayanda showed up with a social worker quite unexpectedly in February of 2017. Only three years old at the time, she had been repeatedly raped by her father, and she was quite distrustful of everyone. (We don't know where her mother is or if she's living.)

But oh, what the Lord can do to bring healing! This sweet girl has responded beautifully to her new environment, where her daily needs are met and she is protected and loved.

She excelled in our preschool (Little Lambs), and she loves being in first grade--it means she gets to go to school with the big girls. She's very outgoing and the teachers are impressed with how well she does in class. She loves to do puzzles and smiles almost all the time.

Her father is awaiting trial.

Total annual need:


Fully Funded for 2022!

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