We're thrilled that finally we're moving forward to build Shepherd's          Staff Christian Primary School right behind Little Lambs Preschool            in eSwatini, Africa! 

      The land has been cleared of trees, and the various committees in the village are          moving forward with government officials so we can take the next step.   This              video gives you a glimpse of why we need the school on our site and why we're 
      inviting you to sponsor a child now.

        Shepherd's Staff Christian Primary School


      Funds from sponsorships before the school opens will be used to:

           Build the school
           Purchase desks, curriculum, kitchen supplies
           Train and hire teachers and a headmaster

      But more than merely preparing for the physical facility, if you sponsor a child            now, you can start praying specifically for the one you will then select when the            school is completed and registrations begin. 

      You may select a school sponsorship right now: use this form                                     

      Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of our preschool on site; the school will be built          right behind it.  We can hardly wait until we can take the little ones straight from        our preschool into grade 1!  


Little Lambs Preschool:





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