Our History:

In 2006 we started our sponsorship program, designed to provide tuition, a uniform, and school fees for a child in elementary school.

We still have 13 children in that original program. And we added 14 children from Good Shepherd Church or Little Lambs Preschool, both on our site and part of our ministry in the village of Sipete.

The costs for sponsoring these children's schooling are:
$25/mo or $300/yr for elementary children or $50/mo or $600/yr for high schoolers.

Click here to see students waiting for school only sponsorships. 

While this program is good, and over 200 children have gone through it, it only goes so far.  Many children need more, including a place to live and be safe from abuse and human trafficking. They need help with homework. Doctor visits.  Medication.  Regular meals.  Shelter.

The love of caring houseparents. 

So in July of 2016 we broke ground on our first care home (Shepherd's Care Home, details in middle section).

Little Lambs Preschool:

We officially opened the preschool in January of 2019 with 32 children enrolled. In 2023, we have 41 children attending. 

The feeding kitchen started with these kids and will eventually expand to others in the village. 

The preschool provides an excellent foundation for learning as the children pick up English on top of their other lessons.

Children at Shepherd's Care Homes fully funded for 2024:







Nontobeko's Story
(Watch this powerful video created by Gabriel Spencer, showing how sponsorship changes lives)

The Mission

Changing the fate of eSwatini. . .

            . . . one child at a time. 

"If we can change the trend
of lifestyles that lead to death, there is hope."

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Becky Spencer

Shepherd's Care Home

Children in a Family

Our first home opened in April of 2017.  We started with a married couple with children of their own, which was a great way to introduce our new children to family living. In 2019, we hired new houseparents Goodenough and Mbali Magwaza. They have such tender hearts for the children! 

In August, 2023, we opened the 2nd care home.  So the entire care home part of our family homes is Shepherd's Care Homes, plural.  The first home is now called Still Waters and the second one is Green Pastures.  

Our new house parents, Jabulani and Nokwanda Khosa, have a deep love for Jesus and the children in their care. We're so blessed to have both sets of loving, capable house parents!  

Some of the girls have moved on with life and live off-site. So currently we have fifteen children living in the homes. Two more sponsored children live off-site. 

Add the Magwaza's son who  joined the family in April, 2020 and the Khoza's son who was born in June, 2023, and there you have the Shepherd's Care Homes family. 

Others of our SC girls graduated and no longer live in the home, but they're still important members of the family. 

 Children's Needs

It costs about $3,000 annually for the younger children to live in the home and about $4,000 for a high school student to live there. This provides housing/utilities, food and clean water, regular doctor and dentist visits, medications, school fees/uniforms, clothing/shoes, and toiletries.

Most of the children in Shepherd's Care have more than one sponsor to meet their needs.

Three of these newer girls still need to be fully sponsored, and we expect two new placements any day now.  

If you click on the photo of the children below, you'll see a short biography with the amount still unpledged.  You may make a one-time donation to help a child or ask to be added to the monthly sponsorship by clicking on the link below.

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Our Future:

We just received word on April 17, 2023 that we've been granted the land behind Little Lambs Preschool. So now our dream of building an elementary school will become a reality. 

Children have to walk a long distance for school.  And the standard for passing is only 40%; we'd love to help them learn way more than that--and do so in a Christian environment. 

Good Shepherd Church:

The church started meeting in the living room of the care home, then moved into the dining area of the feeding kitchen when it was completed.  We're so pleased that our house dad, Goodenough Magwaza, is also a pastor.  He's got the father-heart to truly serve the needs of our children and staff on site, as well as the faithful church members. 

The church has outgrown the feeding kitchen area, so we purchased a 42' x 22' tent--and wow, it's filling up quickly! One of our first Sunday's meeting in the tent, we had 65 children, 48 youth, and 30 adults present! 

The harvest is ripe in this village, with many people who have only known a mix of Christianity and ancestral worship. Please join us in praying for the love of Jesus to transform lives here!

The church tent is a temporary solution. When the primary school is built, it will include a large auditorium where Good Shepherd Church will be able to hold services.

More Children at Shepherd's Care Homes fully funded for 2024:







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