Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

Elementary Student

DOB: June 12, 2010

Thabile and her younger sister Melo (Patricia) were brought to Shepherd's Care by social welfare.

Their mother abandoned them when Melo was two years old.

Their father locked them in the house alone all day without food or water.

He sometimes fed Melo, but he often withheld food from Thabile and forced her to eat her own feces and drink her urine.

Both girls were severely malnourished and emotionally distraught from abandonment, neglect, and all kinds of abuse.  A doctor's exam revealed Thabile had been raped.

Neither had been in school.

Praise God, Thabile is thriving now!  The simplest things like having her physical needs met and warm affection go a long ways towards showing her how very much she is loved.

She attended our preschool for three months and did so well, she was allowed to go to first grade in Jan., 2019. She was #1 in her class continually!  She's incredibly excited about 2nd grade and can hardly wait for the covid-19 crisis to be over so she can get back to school!

Her smile says it all!

Total annual need: $3,000


Needs for 2024:

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