Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

DOB: December 25, 2007

High School Student

Sikhanyiso has been in our sponsorship program for several years. We knew about her difficult childhood, as her father had abandoned her family, and her mother suffered from a mental illness and HIV/AIDS.

Like many girls her age, she enjoyed playing netball. She loved math and dreamed of becoming a doctor someday.  Her grade were good enough to work towards that goal.

But when I visited her in July of 2015, I sensed a change in her.  She didn't seem as carefree as she had on my previous visits. I spoke with her pastor and Sunday school teacher, but they didn't know of any new trouble she was facing that might be contributing to her change in behavior.

She progressively got worse over the next three years. Even her grades began to slip and she started getting in fights with other children.

Finally in 2018 she told a teacher what was going on at home: her grandfather was repeatedly raping her.

We immediately took her to the doctor who confirmed her reports. The police were called, and social welfare got involved in the case.  However, they refused to do anything to rescue this sweet little girl.

It took over a year, but we continued to pester the social workers and finally even took the case to the head of Swaziland Social Welfare. Finally in August of 2018, we were able to take Sikhanyiso "home" to Shepherd's Care.

She's struggled with anger towards the adults in her life who knew she was being abused, but did nothing. Thankfully, we now have a wonderful Christian therapist who is working closely with our precious girl. 

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Fully sponsored for 2023! 

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