Shepherd's Care
Sipete, eSwatini

DOB: February 17, 2005

Elementary Student

Phumi first came to Shepherd's Care in the fall of 2018 on a "temporary" basis. Male relatives were sexually abusing her, and she had no family to keep her safe. 

Now, almost two years later, there are no signs that she'll be moved--and we're all sooooo thankful!  She has responded beautifully to the family environment at Shepherd's Care.  She has plenty to eat and no one bothering her, so we've watched her heal as fear is replaced with trust. She interacts with the other girls in a healthy fashion and has become so dear to everyone. 

Phumi struggles to learn, and at 15, she's much older than most of the sixth graders she's in class with.  But we'll help her get through seventh grade, and if her grades don't improve by then, we'll make sure she learns a skill or trade that will allow her to provide for herself as an adult.  

Meanwhile, she's happy to be safe and cared for with all her basic needs provided--and lots of love thrown in.  Her smile is so precious, and sponsors help put it there!


Total annual need:


Need  $2100 for 2022.

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