Shepherd's Care Home
Sipete, eSwatini

High School Student
DOB: February 24, 2001

Noqbile was first in our sponsorship program, starting with us in 2009 as a 1st grader.

She and her twin brother ended up in the care of a pastor when their grandmother died. We'd been told they had no parents. To our surprise, we learned a couple of years ago that their mother's whereabouts are unknown, and their father is living--but he has 20 children from several different women!  (And he doesn't take care of any of the kids.)

Now she's in Form 4, which is like our junior year of high school here. But she had to make a move. Late last year we learned that the pastor's wife was verbally abusive, and she forced Nqobile to work like a slave since she was the only girl on the homestead.

So Nqobile moved into Shepherd's Care in January, and she's thriving in the loving environment!  High school runs through Form 5, and we trust this precious girl will have a bright future because people are stepping up where the adults in her life let her down before now.  

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