Shepherd's Care Home
Sipete, eSwatini

DOB: August 29, 2013

Elementary Student

Nobuhle joined Shepherd’s Care Home while the Spencers were in eSwatini this spring.  What a joy for everyone, especially her older sister Sihle, who had already joined the SC family a few weeks earlier!  The sisters need each other so much, having lost their mother to cancer May 6, 2020. 

The girls have different fathers; neither have ever taken responsibility for their daughters. They have a younger brother who shares the same father with Nobuhle; their aunt who was watching the girls is also caring for the little boy.  We hope and pray that when our second care home is built, he might be able to join the SC family.  Especially because the unemployed aunt is watching many children and is disabled—she’s missing an arm and is also an albino, causing her to be greatly shunned in their culture.

Nobuhle is in 2nd grade. We trust that she will blossom in her new home where needs are met.

Total annual need:


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