Abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children in eSwatini, Africa, are like little lost lambs.

The Good Shepherd's staff is grand enough to care for each one --
--through you.

Children in eSwatini, Africa, are as vulnerable as ever.  Burying parents who have died with AIDS, being driven from homesteads of relatives who don’t want them, foraging for food in the forests, stealing food from street vendors, and worst of all, finding themselves victims of deceived individuals who believe that AIDS can be cured by relations with a virgin. 


Even those who still live with a parent(s) are exposed.  So many adults are sick or unemployed, and those fortunate enough to work usually make only a dollar a day.  The children suffer.


The Good Shepherd hears their cries.  His staff is “grand” enough to help them all—through His people.  He has sent pastors to help, but these men can’t afford to educate and feed them as the numbers grow. 


Praise the Lord, His people have heard the desperation He hears, and they have taken action.  Together, we have been able to:

 •    Educate over 200 children who also get to eat at school
•    Lead teams to minister in eSwatini
•    Visit homesteads of widows, grandmothers, and children living alone, taking food, encouragement, and prayer
•    Share the Good News in Word and song in many services and in three (1) hour radio broadcasts into eSwatini, Mozambique, and South Africa

 Build our first care home for children who need a forever family.  It's the first of 12 homes, which will each house 12 children with houseparents to show them the Father's love


If you feel the Good Shepherd tugging on your heart to help, please explore child sponsorship opportunities, contact us or go to the Donate page to facilitate your financial contribution.


Thank you.

Watch Video of eSwatini by Gabriel Spencer

Exploring the Life of a Dying Nation

ESwatini. A kingdom of a million people with the highest incidence of AIDS in the world.  Experts estimate that almost half of the population is stricken with the disease.



About 200,000 children have been stripped of their parents.  And 20% of the children in this kingdom have to fend for themselves with no adult present to feed them or send them to school. 




The people of eSwatini are on the brink of extinction.  And in troubled times, education falls by the wayside.  Unsupervised, uneducated children fall prey to the behaviors that lead to disease and destruction.



If only given the opportunity, the priceless knowledge gained in school could be the key to reversing the spread of AIDS and the decline of the nation.

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