Good Shepherd Church, eSwatini

High School Student

DOB: November 15, 2006

Buyisile's mother, SP, is a hard worker who's been slowed down a lot from severe arthritis.  She's a single mom caring for this daughter, her son, and a grandchild. 

 SP gathers reeds to sell and grows maize to do her best to make sure the children are fed. She's a faithful member of our church on site, even though the walk there and back takes a big toll on her physically. The church supplements the family's food every month.  

 SP was unable to come up with enough funds to allow Buyisile to attend high school, so we stepped in.  She's in Form 4 now, so she'll have one more year of high school after this. 

 This is a delightful young lady with a huge smile. She's active in our youth group and sings on the praise team and youth choir. She's so thankful to be able to attend school!  


Total annual need:


A generous donor just did (end of April) a one-time payment of  $240
for 2023.
So now she just needs a sponsor to do that amount annually or $20/mo starting in 2024. 

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