Statement of Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God and born of a virgin, and that He is the only absolutely sinless man this world has ever seen or known.

We believe that He was pronounced guiltless by His judges and yet was delivered up to be crucified and that He died a sacrificial, vicarious death of atonement on the cross for the sins of the whole world for all time.

We believe that He arose bodily from among the dead and ascended into heaven, and that He, the Son of God, is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, acting as man's intercessor and high priest before God until the end of the age.

We believe that God sent the blessed Holy Spirit into the world to convict the sinner and empower the believer.

We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again in person, first in the air to catch away His saints, who will meet Him there with the dead in Christ, and later in great power and glory, Who will come to the earth to bring judgment upon all mankind who have rejected His full and free salvation from sin through His shed blood, which is the only atonement for sin, and will set up His Millennial Kingdom reigning as King.

We believe in the Holy Trinity. We believe that the Person of the Father, the Person of the Son, and the Person of the Holy Spirit in a tri-unity together, make up the One True God.

Furthermore, we hold to the Bible as the undeniable and complete inspired Word of God given to mankind. We recognize no other source as such, and for this ministry, the Bible shall be considered the final word of authority concerning matters of morality and doctrine.

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